$10 Indian Head Gold Piece...

For the coin collector who loves gold coins and is fascinated with American history, we proudly present the $10 Indian Head Gold Piece, a coin reserved for those with an eye for quality.

• Unique Design by Famous Sculptor - When American gold coinage was redesigned in 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt chose America's best known sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to create the new $10 Indian designs. The concept was a revival of finely detailed coins like those of ancient Greece.

• A Tribute to the American Indian and Bald Eagle - The $10 Indian coins feature the bust of Lady Liberty adorned in a feathered Indian headdress. The reverse of the coin honors the American Bald Eagle. These designs serve as timeless symbols of our proud American heritage.

• Nearly a Half Ounce of Pure Gold - The unique $10 Indian gold coins had limited mintages only from 1907 to 1933. In their day, the $10 face value was the official price of the coin’s weight in pure gold of .48375 troy ounces. These large gold coins (over 1 inch in diameter) exhibit a variety of intricate details.

• Highly Prized for Generations - Since the first day they were released in 1907, $10 Indian gold coins were highly prized for their distinctive motifs, fine details, and high quality minting.

Over the past year, the $10 Indians have been scarce and hard to find. But, our buyers just located a group of $10 Indian gold pieces in pristine, Brilliant Uncirculated condition that we're offering first come, first served. Each is certified authentic, guaranteed, and graded by PCGS or NGC.

With gold prices on the rise this year, we feel the opportunity to acquire certified $10 Indians in mint condition at this low price won't last long. Order right now to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

$10 Indian Head Gold Coins
Brilliant Uncirculated in MS-62...$1,232.00

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